Embracing spring (Long time, no post)

Just a spring outfit idea.




Blouse, skirt: New Yorker
Shoes: Motivi
Sunglasses: bought them when I was in Italy

Have a nice day, xoxo
Melitta B.


Boyfriend Jeans



Hey everyone!

So, the classic boyfriend jeans finally made an appearance in stores in my city. Went on a crazy shopping spree around town and bought way to many things, damn it.

Oh well, I’m sure these babies will make me a happy girl.
Have a nice day everyone! 🙂

*Everything in the picture is from Bershka, duh!

She says/He says: Movies or Books?


Hello there everyone! I know I haven’t written much lately but I’ve been busy with school. Anyways, me and my cousin Norbert aka The Midnight Pill here on WordPress (another crazy fashionista like me)  decided it’s time for us to do something new, fresh that will fill out our boring  Sundays. What a better way to relax than a bit of writing and some crazy arguments between family members, huh?

So here we are, listening to Capital Cities and starting our new series! Each week we’ll pic out a topic and share our boring or crazy opinions. This week we decided to go for “Movies or Books”, a pretty approached subject these days, if you ask me.

So, movies or books? That is the question.

Eh i think it’s probably different from person to person. Each person has its own personality, obviously. As I’ve noticed among my friends, most of them prefer watching a movie over reading a book. The question is why? Well, time is probably readings number 1 enemy. People are constantly under pressure, either at work or at school, “THAT REPORT IS DUE TODAY”. So, many prefer watching a movie that last like 2h, rather than reading a book.
Is this a good idea? I think it’s a relative thing. A book is something precious, a pool of knowledge. I personally enjoy spending an afternoon, with my cup of tea and reading a good book. Books are like another universe, a place sometimes different than reality, somewhere where you can relate to characters, due to extensive character descriptions, where you can find yourself. I’ve related with so many characters, it’s almost crazy. I wasn’t much of a reader as a child, but now step by step i started enjoying reading.
Movies, on the other hand are not necessarily much different from books.
The main difference in my opinion is that  in books you can create your own visuals, your own universe as mentioned above, the way you see things, as in comparison to movies where the story is presented to you through the directors eyes. You basically understand all the actions as they are presented to you, there’s not much room for interpretation. Still movies are pretty entertaining and time favorable, so that’s that.
My cousin asked me: “What would you choose, if you could pick only one thing to do for the rest of your life, what would it be, movies or books?”I’ve been thinking about this, i don’t think I could give up any of them haha! It mostly depends on my mood, I’m pretty much in the middle.

What about you, dear reader, what do you think?
Share your answer by using the pool or leave a comment.
I hope you guys enjoyed this and stay tuned for more next Sunday!
P.S. check out Norbert’s point of view on his blog here. (I’m pretty curious myself, hehe)

My Bucket List

Here are my wishes, dreams, life goals…enjoy! (they are not sorted by their priorities)

  1. Explore at least 10 countries (Until now Austria, Hungary, England, Holland, Greece, Italy, Slovakia,  Germany)
  2. Visit all continents
  3. Eat pizza in Italy (2013)
  4. Start a Youtube channel
  5. Go an entire day without using any technology
  6. Visit London (2012)
  7. Skinny dipping
  8. Go karting
  9. Do something illegal
  10. Get engaged in Paris
  11. Be part of a flash-mob (2011)
  12. Cook for my best friends
  13. Hike the Inca Trail
  14. Go to Egypt…check out some pyramids
  15. Make love on a beach
  16. Manage to host a server in Minecraft
  17. Swim in an infinity pool
  18. Get my driver’s license
  19. Get drunk
  20. Fall in love
  21. Grow old with someone
  22. Do volunteer work
  23. Organize an event
  24. Figure out what i wanna do with my life
  25. Win a tennis tournament(2nd place still counts!)
  26. Study abroad
  27. Subscribe to a gym and go for at least a month
  28. Enjoy reading
  29. Go to a classical concert
  30. Go to a music festival abroad
  31. Master making a banana shake
  32. Get my own place
  33. Learn how to draw a proper dog
  34. Have a nice first kiss
  35. Own in dota
  36. Beat Henos at Audiosurf
  37. Have a secret crush on a friend
  38. Introduce videogames to my future kids
  39. Make a baby smile
  40. Get a professional photo camera
  41. Make a viral video
  42. Meet some of my internet friends in real life (this is an ongoing process)
  43. Be addicted to a TV series
  44. Have a Porsche
  45. Go camping with friends (every year)
  46. Avoid breaking mah bones
  47. Get lost with a loved one on an island
  48. Manage to swim underwater
  49. Learn 5 languages
  50. Ride a horsey